Vista Clara Coffee


Vista Clara Coffee ("Clear View" in Spanish) is brought to you by Dave Stewart, who has over 30 years of experience in the premium coffee importing, roasting and retailing business. Dave co-founded the original Stewart Brothers Coffee, now Seattle’s Best Coffee, in 1970. In 1987 he started On The Go Espresso Corporation and ran 15 espresso bars. Dave has always been at the forefront of the quality coffee business.

His wholesale coffees are imported green directly from the source and in most cases he knows the farmers. His coffees are mostly shade grown in a very sustainable fashion. Only the top 2 percent quality Arabica beans are chosen. He has several blends derived from eight varietal coffees and two de-caffeinated. His coffees are all fresh roasted to order one day and delivered the next. Freshness is as important as any other aspect of quality.

Dave has a passion for very fresh high quality coffee and a true wholesale price to help his customers in a highly competitive market. He will look forward to talking with you in person, getting to know you and helping you anyway he can.

In 2001 Dave’s son, Will, joined Vista Clara Coffee and helps with the delivering, packing, invoicing and selling. Will is very excited about the coffee business.

For further information contact Dave at 206-954-1452 or e-mail him at